Superior Tungsten Alloys.
Made in the USA

Superior Tungsten Alloys. Made in the USA.

Tungsten Alloys and Machined Tungsten Alloy Components According to Your Specifications that Arrive On Time.

What are Tungsten Alloys?

Tungsten Alloys are not alloys in the true sense as the elements are in two discrete phases. The primary phase being Tungsten and a binder phase containing transition metals such as Nickel, Iron, and Copper plus dissolved Tungsten. Tungsten Alloys contain between 90% – 97% tungsten and are made in this fashion for improved manufacturability and tensile properties compared to pure tungsten while still maintaining a high density.

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Tungsten alloys are all we do. We are the experts.

We manufacturer high quality tungsten alloys with the integrity to perform in the most demanding applications

You should not have to worry about quality and delivery. For Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals, that is a given.

Let’s talk about the bigger issues that we are trying to solve. When faulty material, inconsistent material, inferior material ends up in an aircraft or medical equipment in a hospital, lives are endangered.

Let us come through for you.

We know it’s like to be confused by the tungsten alloy purchasing process. It is not your typical material. There is both and art and science to making the raw material. While we work with tungsten alloys every day, we can admit that they can be challenging to machine.

Tungsten alloy material is expensive. It can be a large investment, and you may be worried that you will make a wrong decision.

Put our 40 years of tungsten manufacturing experience to work for you. We have achieved AS9100 and ISO9001 Certification and pass routine audits by a third party.

We supply 1,100 active customers including these leading brands:
Boeing, Sikorski, Lockheed, GE, Apple, Raytheon

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1. Discuss Your Requirements

Have a conversation with us about what you are working on. We will have our engineering team review your needs and layout our manufacturing process. Yes, we establish the production process at the quoting stage of every job. That way there will be no surprises at a later stage.

2. Review Our Quote

Once you have received our quotation, we will have a conversation with you to go over every detail. We will go through our manufacturing process and inform you of any concerns that we may have on the manufacturing side. When you are ready to place the order, we will make it as seamless as possible.

3. Receive Your Delivery One Time

Be confident that you will have your delivery on the date we agreed apon. Be assured that the material will meet your specifications and will perform as expected.